Zita Keeley – Host, Executive Producer, Writer and Editor

Zita Keeley is a cook, author, world traveler, and specialist in fine wines. Zita was born in New York City, NY, and currently resides in Highland Beach, Florida. She is married with a son and stepdaughter. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree from SUNY at Stonybrook, Zita worked in the television/film industry and within a few years became a Vice President of the company. “For me, traveling isn’t just about getting to the destination,” said Zita “it’s about the journey too”. “It is about the people you meet and places you experience along the way”.




Patrick Keeley – Executive Producer

Patrick has a long history in the creative arts, plays guitar, sings and has authored 3 books, is the writer/producer of several audio CD’s as well as several meditation Cd’s. Past TV credits include creative producer, Red, White & What? A Food and wine challenge show. Time to Wine with Zita Keeley. 2 years as guest presenter on LIVE TV! London, UK. He wrote and hosted/presented three documentary films. As the co-executive producer of All the Best with Zita Keeley, it is his task to co-ordinate with everyone, guests, fixers, crew, and cruise line and make it all happen where and when it should.



Evelyn Siegel – Executive Producer

Along with being Mistress of the wardrobe with an incredible sense of style, Evelyn speaks many languages fluently, including French, German and Hebrew that certainly helps in our travels.
No wonder she is our favorite Executive Producer. 




Johnny Tsang – Director/Editor 

Studying for Film and Fine arts at Long Island University, CW Post Campus, Johnny had always wanted to help create and build visual contents from childhood. At the age of 15, he created his first short narrative film and was accepted to several NY festivals and his name became very well known for his achievements.

During College, he was known to be the “go-to” person for any projects that are in need of help with a creative eye and proper execution. He even built a team and created his first music video to be broadcast at BET music channel during his 2nd year at college.  By 2006 he created over 10 narrative films, 15 Music Videos and over 50 cooking television shows. His reputation precedes as he continues to use his creative knowledge and skill to help complete multiple projects and won many film awards on the way. Johnny’s extensive experience in cooking TV shows gave him the passion in food and wine. Currently Johnny works in his own production, creating his own event service business, and continues to directs and produces shows and films.

Kevin Provost – Director of Photography  

Kevin Provost is a New York based cinematographer and photographer, and has been shooting professionally for over 10 years. Kevin has traveled extensively, filming in over 20 countries on a variety of projects. Clients he’s shot for include The Food Network, Cooking Channel, Fusion TV, Travel Channel, Netflix and the Emmy Nominated, James Beard Award-winning “Pati’s Mexican Table” on PBS.



Frank Angelcyk – Camera Operator

Frank has worked as a camera operator and cinematographer for over 10 years. He has traveled the world filming for NBA basketball, food shows on cable tv across Europe, music videos, tv commercials and numerous short and feature-length films.

He has been to Africa, the Amazon, Patagonia, Russia and all over Europe and the USA. Frank has the ability to elevate the visual styles in each project that he has taken part of with his passion, energy and creativity.



Sarah Keeley – Assistant Director

Sarah is a talented composer, vocalist and performance artist who has many years of experience in the creative industry. Joining the team as Assistant Director as well as makeup artist has been a real asset to the show. Sarah loves travelling and working with ATB to help create the best show possible.




Petra McThredder – Production Assistant

Petra is our team medic, (a real bonus), a violin player and has a passion for the creative arts. Her talents and experiences have definitely helped make her the perfect Production Assistant. Plus, her keen eye for detail has been an extra added value to the show.